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Because of this, we have a “companion pass” through this airline. So for my return flight after the conference, I booked one ticket in his name and added me to the reservation as a free companion.

I submitted my initial outgoing flight (in my name) and this return flight (in his name, with me as a free companion) for reimbursement.

Job searching after quitting a Ph D program I’m about two-thirds of the way through completing my Ph D in humanities, and considering getting out.

I’m not in the US, so the academic job situation is not quite as dire, but it’s still not great, which I knew going into this, but more relevant is the growing feeling that what I’m doing isn’t meaningful or making any kind of difference, and that a life in academia doesn’t seem fulfilling the way that it used to.

Would it be overkill to write her to VERY briefly highlight the relevant experience I’ve gained over the last few years?

I’m concerned she remembers me as having a very niche background, which is less true now.

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I have never had a really bad call review, but the idea of listening to my calls always gives me extreme anxiety, to the point I dread it the night before.

And then you’d talk to your manager and frame it this way: “I feel awkward about this, but I learned something recently that seems like a serious concern and I think I need to pass it on to you.” You can also tell your manager that you’re concerned about causing tension with Beth or others if they realize that you talked with her … My partner is going to fly out (at his own expense) near the end of the conference and we are going to stay a few extra days in this location.

CAUTION: Complete withdrawal from all classes DOES NOT release student from debt obligation and late fees apply.… continue reading »

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