El dia que la tierra se detuvo online dating

11-Sep-2017 10:55

The story is very simple, but the message is wonderful.

When this film was made, World War II had finished six years ago only, there was the Cold War and the paranoia of the Americans at that time was against the communists.

See more » A flying saucer lands in Washington, and a man, Klaatu (Michael Rennie), brings the preoccupation of other planets with the use of atomic energy and development of spacecraft by people on Earth planet.

Further, he brings a message and also a threaten against the danger Earth could cause to other planets: the planet could be destroyed if the people does not live in peace.

This was used during the close-ups on Gort when he was firing his energy beam weapon and in scenes when he was not required to move. Barnhardt in the evening, there is a small piece of paper pinned to one side of the blackboard, the left side. A few moments later in the same scene, there is no paper pinned to the side of the blackboard.

Again, in the same scene, the paper is back very briefly, but just as before, disappeared almost immediately.

In addition to the two Gort costumes worn by Lock Martin, a fiberglass statue of the robot was also made.

Yesterday I watched this video again, and it is really an outstanding movie. Title (Brazil): ' O Dia Em Que a Terra Parou' (' The Day Which the Earth Stopped')Obs: 01 March 2006 - Fox do Brasil finally released this DVD in 2005.

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