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It is possible a letter or two may also appear within the series of numerals.

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This could mean revisions to the part or multiple manufacturers supplying the part to Ford. Note that this switch was originally designed for the Mercury Division, due to the "M" as the third digit in the part number.What can be confusing about these numbers is that a part designed for one year might actually be used for several years, or a part designed for one car line might be used on other lines as well.For instance, a part originally designed for a 1964 Ford could often be found on a 1964 or 1965 model Thunderbird, Mercury, or Lincoln as well.For instance, different engine displacements and designs.

Parts finished in different colors can be identified by their suffix numbers as well.

If the part doesn't normally have a package, a label is affixed to the part itself with the service part number.

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