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They fight and the trainee girls are humiliated as their leader (Young Joo) trips over Su Ji (the dead girl’s twin). The trainees are already like “This day sucks”, but it turns out that their CEO bailed after filing bankruptcy. It turns out that the ‘Cat Man’ knows the Red Queen’s ex-producer, Kang Shi Hyuk (who retired after the rumors circulating about Su Ah and him after her death). They both look at each other with the most surprising faces as the credits begin to roll!

But right on cue, the weird ‘Cat Man’ they met on the bus turns up and says “I’ll help you debut! The ‘Cat Man’ is like “Help me fulfill their dreams”, and KSH is like “ehh…” And that’s about it for the pilot episode! We’re going to have to see how this one plays out on Episode 2~ We’re introduced to the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the characters… Su Ah used to be the leader before she died, and Na Kyung joins the group and is well accepted by the fans.

Su Ah of the hottest K-Pop girl group, Red Queen, dies in an accident. Media rumors spread about the relationship between Su Ah and the Red Queen’s genius producer, Kang Shin Hyuk.

At the time, her older twin sister, Su Ji, is running a marathon, and is unable to pick up the phone call about the accident. Instead of clarifying the facts from false, Kang Shin Hyuk announces his retirement from the industry.

Produced by IMX, the girls have survived a series of challenges to be chosen for the Real Girl Project – the 11 members who will be featured on the debut drama. So, this girl named Su Ah – the leader of mega-popular Red Queen – basically dies by driving straight into an oncoming truck (btw, she has an older twin sister who runs track).

Nothing really fundamental is said about the girls, but we’ll learn more soon I’m sure.The Cat Man: An unnamed man who seems a little crazy with his BFF-cat, Mari.He apparently has a past that he wants to atone as he tells KSH that he wants to help the girls achieve their lost dreams. KSH) He’s a genius producer who shot the Red Queen to stardom, but he retired without a word when rumors about Su Ah and him arose after her death. Young Joo: The character that we were most introduced to was Young Joo.You can watch the episodes through SBS fun E in Korea, or through Amazon Prime in basically anywhere else in the world!

Amazon Prime has picked up the series as one of its Originals, and will be airing them with subtitles created in numerous languages. KR 꿈을 드림 Director: Park Chan Yool Writer: Shin Hye Mi, Won Young Shil Network: SBS and Amazon Runtime: April 28 ~ TBA # of Episodes: 24 Language: Korean (Subtitles Available) Genius producer meets ‘recycled’ trainees!

He switches the girls’ training rooms from the basement to the top floor, and switches the company name to 825 Entertainment.