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10-Jun-2017 16:36

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In the meantime, I was already seeing someone else.

Psycho-freak then calls me at 1 in the morning - I did not answer the call.

Got another email worse than the last one which threw something personal in my face I had told him that was a bit private and probably shouldn't have even been revealed on a first date, but needed too as an explanation for something. Now I would understand if this dinner had been several hundred dollars, but we're talking thirty bucks here, and a one time date. When filling out your incident reports, do you use marginsand divide by paragraphs. you turned this around to try to make it look like it was all about ME when it wasn't. It appears to me to be a rant; couched as a public service announcement.

They use to teach that at the no...grammar police strike it with the grammar thing??? U can always contact one or the sites supervisors (thinks thats what they are called)but girl if he keeps up with the threats and u know his name and where he lives call the cops if your that scared keep every e-mail text messages he sends u and voice mails your right u never know what he can do to the next girl just be carefull. I'm not saying "Mister Wonderful" didn't do what you accused him of.

I then wrote him a few days later and told him that I was seeing someone else and I'm sorry that things just didn't work out between us.

He then sends me two insulting email messages telling me to F-off and calling me inappropriate names.

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He appears nice looking, interesting and great career, amusing, a gentleman. God only knows what he would do if we had actually had a relationship and I had THEN broken up with him.

however, thank u 4 making me c the grave error of my ways with the grammar. The result is I only drink coffee on the first date. He became clingy and suffocating by the 3rd date - and although I asked him to tone it down he wouldn't so I had to stop seeing him.

I told him politely that I was getting back together with my ex BF - I had a feeling if I made it about him he might go off on me.

I am talking about what to do on this site so no other woman gets stuck with this fruit cake. As has been already alluded to on this post; if you wish to avoid this unpleasantness in the future; bring your own cash; or just stiff him for a coffee. If not, then you do report him to your local police - often times they will call the guy and tell him to stop. If not - the next step (and the police will probably tell you this) is to change your number.

I took the other persons advice from above and decided to contact the moderator. I often had an uncomfortable feeling to have a dinner at the first date. You email him back and tell him that you know it's him that's leaving the messages and to stop immediately, to not call you back EVER and that if he does you will report him to the police. Quite awhile back I went out with a guy that by the 2nd date was telling everyone I was his girlfriend.

If you were, you'd know how hokey it comes acrosswhen you change a story. You should read his profile then you will see what rock he has crawled out of. Well on the bright side at least you met for your first date in a private place. And secondly, you both met half way so he doesn't really know exactly were you live.